Happy Fourth of July to all my fellow Americans!

With its two biggest offices located in London and New York, GWR offers plenty of chances for the Americans on staff like me to have some fun on a day like today with our former British overlords.

But, rather than just share a bunch of links to the Wikipedia bios of Paul Revere and George Washington (whoops!) or post GIFs of Kid Rock spraying cans of Budweiser all over himself, we decided to do something constructive to celebrate Independence Day.

America is by far the most popular country when it comes to record breaking, as the U.S. boasts more record holders and more officially adjudicated events than any other country. But, how do all these Americans stack up against each other? Which state can lay claim to being the most "Officially Amazing?" Let's see:



Infographic: Original GWR illustration/Jon Addison

Well, if you go by the numbers, New York can lay claim to most record-breaking state in the union. No surprise, as it's home to the country's most populous city and some of its most iconic landmarks, which have been home to record attempts from the gridiron to the regal.

And if you look at the top four states, they're the same top four in U.S. population from the latest census. In fact, our map above looks kind of similar to the one used by the House of Representatives to determine its apportionment.

Nearly half of the states (22) hold fewer than 1% of the country's total record holders, as top dog New York would equal the combined total of every state between the Mississippi River and Rocky Mountains, save Texas. And domination resides on the coasts, as New York and California combined to have hosted a third of all record-breaking locations.

130416-Largest fuzzy dice - flurry dice 2.jpg

The most overachieving state? Easily Nevada. The Silver State ranks 35th in the union in population, but 8th in record breaking. Why? Two words: Las Vegas, which has grown into a mecca for people trying to make history.

And the most underachieving states (in my opinion, no state is underachieving, but the numbers don't lie!) are North Carolina and Alabama. Each is 14 spots lower on the list of record breakers than their spots among the total population, the biggest drops.

But a happy Fourth of July to all my compatriots, from those celebrating records with a cold lemonade in Florida to those aspiring for one under the fireworks in Oregon. And hey, RhodeIsland and Delaware, we still love you!