In a truly global event that was televised live in 217 countries, famed funambulist Nik Wallenda became the first person to cross a high wire over the Grand Canyon on Sunday, traversing 1,400 feet (426.72 m) of steel cable more than 1,500 feet (457.2 m) above the Canyon floor -- sans tether or safety net of any kind.

It's not the first time Wallenda has wowed audiences. Prior to his Grand Canyon exploits, he'd already owned three GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS feats, in fact: the longest tightrope crossing on a bicycle (235 ft/71.63 m), the highest tightrope crossing on a bicycle (238 ft/72.5 m), and having been the first person to tightrope at the base of Niagara Falls last year. Here's the highlights of Wallenda's incredible Canyon walk, which lasted 22 minutes 54 seconds in full.

The online game "Candy Crush Saga" - known simply as Candy Crush among its legions of followers - continues to take over the world. The latest in a long lineage of obsessive mobile and social games (remember when Farmville and Words With Friends were the only things worth getting out of bed for?), Candy Crush has already become the most popular Facebook app and can boast having the most monthly active users of any Facebook game (45.4+ million MAUs).

The real question in the meantime is - aside from the wide-open men's field - will anybody be having fun on the court besides women's mfavourite Serena Williams? Noted sports statistician Kenneth Massey gives Williams a 68.65% chance of reaching the final, and with good reason: she's fresh off a French Open win and holds 10 world records, including this year being the oldest female to rank No. 1 by the ATP. Then again, Massey also gave Rafael Nadal the best chance of reaching the men's final, and Rafa has already seen his tournament come to an end.