Jesus Villa calls himself " Half Animal." And now he can also call himself "All Winner."

Villa nabbed 41.3% of all votes to claim last week's Fan Choice crown, holding off a competitive field with his most forward flips on spring-loaded stilts in one minute (17).

His flipping exploits will now be entered in our list of contenders for a year-end showdown in which we'll ask you fans to vote for your favorite record of the year at the end of 2013.

Time now to meet this week's candidates and then cast your vote below. We have New Jersey doing its version of the can-can and a record that would drive this fish crazy, but first, a work of art that's more than meets the eye.


Record: 1,570.0 m²

Holder: Wilhelmshaven Touristik and Freizeit gmbH (Germany)

Location: Wilhelmshaven, Germany

That's not all: Yes, all those people in the photo above are actually sitting on a completely flat city street. Four artists (Gregor Wosik, Melanie Siegel, Vanessa Hitzfeld and Lydia Hitzfeld) combined to create the piece for the Wilhelmshaven International Street Art Festival. They chose a depiction of Noah's Ark in response to the predicted Mayan apocalypse of late 2012, and needed more than 4 days to complete the work.


Novel team.jpg

Record: 9 hr, 5 min, 8 sec

Holder: Asociația Culturală Aedificatio, with Editura Art, and the Universitatea București (all Romania)

Location: Spiru Haret lecture theatre, University of Bucharest, Romania

That's not all: No, the group above isn't playing a giant Free Cell tournament. It's a portion of the team of 53 collaborators, who created the novel "Moş Crăciun & Co" (Santa Claus & Co.), totaling 288 pages and 56,541 words. To qualify, the book needed to be completely original material and bound by a commercial printer upon completion, with a print run of at least 500 copies.


Can pyramid.jpg

Record: 25,585 cans

Holder: Cranford Teen Advisory Board (USA)

Location: Cranford, New Jersey, USA

That's not all: The square base of the pyramid measured 3.20 m by 3.20 m (10 ft 5 in by 10 ft 5 in) and consisted of 42 cans on each side, with the pyramid reaching a height of 4.71 m (15 ft 5 in). The group both purchased cans and accepted donations, eventually donating all cans from the pyramid to victims of the 2012 superstorm Sandy.


Bubble chain.jpg

Record: 30 bubbles

Holder: Su Chung-Tai of Hold Enterprise Co. Ltd. (Chinese Taipei)

Location: Taipei, Chinese Taipei

That's not all: Originally set in 2001, the first-ever attempt at this record was only nine bubbles. Only fully formed soap bubbles formed before the chain broke or any bubbles burst counted. Hold Enterprise Co. Ltd. is a bubble manufacturer who wanted to show the quality of their bubbles.


Photo sculpture.jpg

Record: 4.675 m (15 ft 4 in) tall

Holder: Accenture (UK)

Location: Bangalore, India

That's not all: Accenture used 37,000 different photos to comprise its sculpture, which depicted the "greater than" sign that represents Accenture's corporate logo. Above is a peek at the inside of the scuplture. No internal support mechanisms were permitted, except for the use of photos, as was the case in the beams above.

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