It may take a staggering two hours to travel along, but for Danish Lego enthusiast Henrik Ludvigsen, every moment of the journey on his incredible train track is one to savour.

Henrik and a team of 80 fellow Lego fans known as the Byggepladen have built the longest plastic toy train track measuring at 4,000.25 metres (13,124 ft 2 in).

It took the Byggepladen about six hours to build the track which was made entirely out of plastic train tracks stored in Henrik's home.


Henrik says it's a project that has been one and a half years in the making, with the final build using over 93,000 bricks.

Explainging the genesis of the record attempt, Henrik recalls: “The day before Christmas I was cleaning out a room in our house when I found all my old blue tracks

“While my wife was asleep on the couch I went off to surf the internet and got this crazy idea that I want to build the longest Lego train track in the whole world.”


Henrik says he is relieved to have the record but isn't sure what to focus his efforts on next.

“I don't know what I am going to do on Monday I will get a lot of spare time from now.”