I guess when you have Super Mario, Lara Croft, and Pikachu on your side, no competitor stands a chance. Last week's Fan Choice vote saw the largest gathering of people dressed as video game characters run away with voting like Mario on Star Power, taking 71.55% of the pie.

Congratulations to the Academy of Interactive Entertainment in Melbourne and the 470 participants who donned their plumber's hats or electric tails to earn your pick. For a bit of Aussie pride, that's two straight weeks a record from Down Under has won the fans over. Alas, no Australian record holders are present in this week's selection.

Nonetheless, AIE's achievement will now be entered in our list of contenders for a year-end showdown in which we'll ask you fans to vote for your favorite record of the year at the end of 2013.

Time now to meet this week's candidates and then cast your vote below. We start with what some may call The Little Surface Vehicle That Could.

Longest journey by an unmanned autonomous surface vehicle (pictured above)

Record: 7,939 nautical miles (14,703 km)

Holder: Liquid Robotics (USA) with the vehicle "Benjamin Franklin"

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA, to Lady Musgrave Island, Queensland, Australia

That's not all: The "Benjamin Franklin" was able to convert wave energy into thrust and use solar energy to generate electricity for sensors, communication, and navigation. It was named after, of course, U.S. founding father Benjamin Franklin, who - among numerous other exploits - charted and named the Gulf Stream.

Longest journey by car in a single country


Record: 10,218 km (6,349.16 miles)

Holders: Alexey Simakin, Gennadij Paramonov, Alexey Vorobiev, Alexander Nesterov, Andrey Ivanov, Ilya Novikov, Rafael Usmanov and Denis Solomovich (all Russia), and Rainer Zietlow (Germany) in three separate vehicles

Location: Moscow to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia

That's not all: With this record favoring attempts taking place in large countries, the group chose well with Russia, the largest nation in the world by area. The simultaneous journeys lasted an entire month.

Largest gathering of people wearing one-piece pajamas


Record: 700 onesie-clad participants

Holder: Drayton Manor Theme Park (UK)

Location: Staffordshire, UK

That's not all: This was Drayton Manor’s third world record attempt in three years. After the first two tries - each for the "Largest gathering of people in Zentai suits" - failed due to poor weather conditions, third time proved to be the charm.

Largest mobile phone gaming party

Gaming party.jpg

Record: 510 gamers

Holder: Bharti Airtel, Ltd – Team Karnataka (India)

Location: Mangalore, India

That's not all: The game of choice was Sudoku, played by the gathered participants for the required 15 minutes as part of a workday conference.

Most squats in one minute carrying a 60 lb pack

Paddy Doyle squats.jpg

Record: 44

Holder: Paddy Doyle (UK)

Location: Stamina’s Self Defence Boxing Gym, Birmingham, UK

That's not all: Known for his decades of breaking Guinness World Records feats of strength and fitness, Doyle broke this mark just three months after breaking the 40-lb version of the record.

And those are your nominees for this week's Fan Choice - time now to cast your vote!

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