Hi there world record fans, welcome to the latest installment in this regular series, looking at the latest happenings on our Challengers website.

Challengers is our free and fast online record-breaking platform, where anyone can make a world record attempt at home, and share their video of it with the world, potentially even earning themselves an official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS certificate!

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Now, what's happened on Challengers in the past 4 weeks? Let's take a look...

New records awarded

Over 25 world records have been awarded on Challengers in the last month, for attempts ranging from the most spoons balanced on the face to the most dominoes stacked in 30 seconds. Here are a few of the highlights:

Most circles around the waist with a basketball in 30 seconds:

Corey Rich shows us all how it's done with a score of 66, set on sunny Laguna beach, California, USA!

Greatest margin of victory, Madden NFL '11:

Gamer Anthony Smith takes the Steelers to a flawless 160-0 victory over the Browns - but how long will his record stand for?

Highest Score on "Rock n' Roll (Will Take You To The Mountain)", Just Dance 4:

Also in the world of video games, Tristen Geren (who we'll see again in a second) shows off his best moves to this track by Skrillex on the popular Wii dance game.

User of the month

Each month, we'll take a look at one of our record-holding Challengers users, finding out what records they hold, and why they like to break world records on the site.

This week it is Tristen Geren of the USA, who currently holds five world records!


Here's what Tristen has to say about his time on Challengers so far:

" I really love Challengers. I feel like we're a family! A really, dysfunctional competitive family! Challengers has given me an outlet to do what I love, and that is to compete. I'm really into the video game challenges on the site, and have world records for several of them.

My favorite record is "The Fastest Completion of Teamwork Temple on Wii Party". I love it because I broke this record this one with my brother, and it meant a lot to us, that we are both named on one certificate.

I will soon be improving on my record "Highest score on Rock n' Roll Will Take You To The Mountain on Just Dance 4"." (see video above)

New challenges added

We regularly add new world records to Challengers, to ensure there is always something fresh and exciting for you to make an attempt at - and often this is the result of a user suggestion. Recently-added challenges include:

Fastest time to peel and eat an orange blindfolded (team of two)

You'll need a trusted friend and a hunger for citrus fruit to take on this new pairs challenge!

Most coins balanced upright in one minute

We've had coin stacking, now see how many of them you can balance on their edges in just a minute.

Jenga - Fastest extra 10 levels

We're looking to find a new Jenga master with this record -could it be you?