Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Le Record du Monde, the world's only restaurant serving world record-holding delicacies! My name is Dan, and I will be your guide through today's gastronomic journey.

I do hope you have come hungry, because our esteemed chef de cuisine, Remy Conseil, has put together a truly spectacular tasting menu for the very special occasion indeed that is our grand opening.

Please now listen closely and study the menu below with great attention, as I walk you through the dishes we will be serving you, these seven sublime courses...

Bon Appétit!

Le Record du Monde

Tasting Menu, April 2013

The world's largest shrimp cocktail (Asociación Tres Islas, Mexico, 2011)

488kg of peeled shrimp, stirred in a sauce containing 57 kg of ketchup, 10 kg of lemon juice, 5.6 kg of "salsa brava," 4.025 kg of Worcestershire sauce, 3 kg of salt, 1.014 kg of Tabasco sauce, and 30 g of pepper, for a dish totalling 538.5 kg in weight. Served in a cocktail glass 1.91 m in height.


The world's largest Caesar salad (Tijuana Restauranteurs Chamber of Commerce, USA, 2007)

160 chefs toss 2,538.785 kg Romaine lettuce, 200kg Parmesan cheese, 68.355 kg croutons in 480 kg traditional Caesar dressing. Total weight served: 3.287 tonnes. Based upon the original recipe from chef Caesar Cardini, circa 1924.


The world's most calorific burger (Heart Attack Grill, USA, 2013)

"Quadruple Bypass"

4 ½ pound hamburgers, 3 tablespoons of lard, 20 slices of bacon, 8 slices of American cheese, 20 slices of caramelized onion baked in lard, 8 tomato slices, 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons of ketchup, 1 tablespoon of mustard. Total calories: 9,982. Served weight: 1.444kg.

Supplement: "Heart Attack Meal" - add fries and a milkshake, for 12,410 calories total.

The most expensive sandwich commercially available (Clivedale, UK, 2007)

"von Essen Platinum Club Sandwich"

Created by Chef Daniel Galmiche. Iberico ham, poulet de Bresse, white truffles, quail eggs, semi-dried Italian tomatoes, served between three slices of 24-hour fermented sour-dough bread. Individually priced at £100.

The world's most expensive hot dog (Capitol Dawg, USA, 2012)

"California Capitol City Dawg"

18-inch, 3/4-pound all-beef, natural-casing, Chicago-style frank, French whole-grain mustard, garlic and herb mayo, sautéed shallots, mixed baby greens, applewood and cherry smoked uncured bacon, Swedish moose cheese, chopped tomato, sweetened dried cranberries, a basil olive oil/cranberry-pear-coconut balsamic vinaigrette and fresh ground pepper. Served on a custom-made herb focaccia roll toasted in white truffle butter. Individually priced at $145.49.

The largest pizza commercially available (Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria, USA, 2010)

A square pizza measuring 1.37m x 1.37m (area: 1.8 m²). Diners' choice of toppings. Deliverable within a radius of the pizzeria, 24 hours notice required.

The most ice cream scoops on a cone (Dimitri Panciera, Italy, 2012)

71 scoops of finest Italian-made Forno di Zoldo gelato balanced precariously atop a waffle cone. Diners' choice of flavour(s). Toppings available on request.


Accompanying wine/beer/spirits menu available on request.

Tax and gratuities not included.