After voting for a supreme individual achievement last week, this week you fans have decided that teamwork was the way to go. Choosing from a group that featured a collection of both incredible individual feats and great team efforts, you crowned the most candles lit simultaneously as your Fan Choice Record of the Week!

Congratulations go to the Art of Living Foundation in Ahmedabad, India , for their record, garnering just more than half of all votes. This achievement will now be entered in our list of contenders for a year-end showdown in which we'll ask you fans to vote for your favorite record of the year at the end of 2013.

This week, we noticed that long was strong in our latest batch of candidates. Four of the five records involved some form of an astonishing feat of length. Plus, a few odd hundred Gokus. Get familiar with the candidates and learn how to share your vote below!

Longest eyelash on a dog (see image above)

Record: 15 centimeters (5.9 inches)

Holder: Ranmaru the dog

Location: Chuo, Tokyo, Japan

That's not all: Before Ranmaru, an Australian Labradoodle, came around, this record had stood unbroken for more than 8 years. Ranmaru's lenghty lash beat the previous record by more than half an inch.

Longest chocolate sculpture

Chocolate sculpture.jpg

Record: 34.05 meters (111 feet, 8 inches)

Holder: Andrew Farrugia (of Malta)

Location: Brussels, Belgium

That's not all: The sculpture depicted a train with a steam locomotive front and modern locomotive end. It took 1,285 kg (2,755 lbs) of dark Belgian chocolate to complete the sculpture, which was unveiled at Brussels South Station.

Largest gathering of people dressed as Dragon Ball characters

Dragon Ball.jpg

Record: 307

Holder: Saló de Manga festival

Location: Barcelona, Spain

That's not all: Kamehameha! Saló de Manga is the largest Manga festival in Spain and the attempt was undertaken to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Dragon Ball's first publication in the country.

Longest sawdust carpet

Sawdust carpet.jpg

Record: 1,278 meters (4,192 feet, 10 inches)

Holder: Municipality of Guatemala

Location: Guatemala City, Guatemala

That's not all: Approximately 1,300 volunteers helped assemble the carpet, a traditional feature of Guatemalan Easter celebrations. This particular carpet was designed as an invitation for newly chosen Pope Francis I to visit the city.

Longest line of toy cars

Toy cars.jpg

Record: 9,007 toy cars

Holder: Gemeinde Anger

Location: Anger, Germany

That's not all: End to end, the cars measured 959.3 meters (3,147 feet, 4 inches) long. The record was attempted on the heels of news that Hans-Peter Porsche of the famous Porsche family announced plans to invest in a new toy museum in Anger for 2014.

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