It’s one of the toughest to beat, but the tightest parallel parking world record has been beaten once again. Even more incredible is the fact that it’s beaten not once, but twice by two brothers.

Alastair and John Moffatt from Gloucester, UK successfully pulled off the stunt with just 13.1cm to spare between the cars - a gap shorter than the length of an average pencil.

Driving vintage Mini Mayfairs, the brothers beat the previous world record, held by Ronny Wechselberger aka Ronny C' Rock, which measured in at 14cm.

John, 31, was first to enter the history books. Speaking to This Is Gloucestershire, he said: "When I broke the world record I was in shock."

It was then up to Alastair, 33, to match his brother's feat.

He said: "When I achieved it, all I felt was relief. The light was fading and I only had one or two attempts left so the pressure was on.

"The fact that we hold the world record together is great as we are very competitive with each other but John continually reminds me that he got it first."

Their challenge was filmed for the new CBBC show Official Amazing which brings together the funniest, most ridiculous, scariest and Amazing record attempts from around the world.

Viewers in the UK can catch up with the series on the BBC iPlayer here.

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