Sunday in Buenos Aires transformed what to many was just March 17 into "Colouring Day" by cosmetic company Laboratorio Hedaly, who offered passersby the chance to have their hair dyed a new colour by a professional hairdresser.

In the process, they planned to set a new Guinness World Records feat for the "most hair dyed in an 8 hour relay." A total of 50 hairdressers took part during the day but only 10 were allowed to be dyeing hair at any one time, with team changes made on the hour.

Assisting the hairdressers were a team of helpers that washed and dried the hair post-dyeing, with everything passing under the watchful eye of the Guinness World Records adjudicator for Latin America, Ralph Hannah.

The presence of popular comedian, musician, and presenter Roberto Pettinato brought special flair to the proceedings, but did not guarantee success.

The record to beat was 125 people, as established by the Records Management Team of Guinness World Records. In the morning, it was slow going as the participants came to grips with their new mobile salon, but there was no shortage of people queuing up to get a free dye and be part of history.

The rhythm steadily increased throughout the day and, by mid-afternoon, Laboratorio Hedaly were closing in on the record. It was at that point that Pettinato made his appearance, volunteering to be record-breaking head of hair No. 126, changing from his grey locks to a vivid violet.

The crowd watched anxiously as Pettinato received the dye but even at that point, Hannah could not announce a new record. Firstly, Pettinato was required to have his hair washed and then dried to see if the dye had worked. It was only at that moment, following a final inspection, the record was confirmed.

As the celebrations took place, there was still work to be done. The hairdressers resumed dyeing until the time limit was reached and the final number of heads of hair dyed was 160. Congratulations to Laboratorio Hedaly, and another record set for Argentina!