Last week saw the debut of our new weekly feature, the Fan Choice Record of the Week.

We would like to thank everyone who voted in our inaugural poll and are happy to announce that the fans have chosen the "most people spinning fire" by Ameno Signum, e.V. (Germany) as their favorite of the week! Congratulations to them, as they captured more than 41% of the public vote. And, of course, congratulations to all the other great record-breaking candidates.

This week, a theme present throughout our choices is that of individual achievement. Many records were approved this week which featured one person pushing the limits of what the mind and body can do.

Which one is your favorite? Take a look at our candidates and find out how to vote below.

Most stairs climbed by bicycle (see image above)

Record: 2,754 steps

Holder: Krystian Herba (Poland)

Location: Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai, China

That's not all: Herba ascended from basement to top level of the 100-floor edifice without ever touching a wall or hitting the floor. The climb took him 1 hour 21 minutes and 53 seconds to achieve.

Largest bachata dance

Bachata 2.jpeg

Record: 325 couples (650 participants)

Holder: Buena Vista Social Dance Club

Location: Lenin Stadium, Khabarovsk, Russia

That's not all: The dance lasted more than 10 minutes to live music performed by Cuba's "Mr. Tito." Interestingly, despite the bachata originating in the Dominican Republic, this record has only ever been broken in European countries.

Greatest distance traveled by train in 24 hours

Train 24 hours.jpg

Record: 3,115.7 km (1,936 miles)

Holder: Kazuaki Yamada

Location: Hokkaido, Japan, to Kagoshima, Japan

That's not all: Yamada's itinerary took him from the Kikonai station to Shin-Aomori station, from Shin-Aomori to Tokyo, from Tokyo to the Nagoya station, from Nagoya to the Nagano station, from Nagano to the Takasaki station, from Takasaki to the Nagaoka station, from Nagaoka to the Shin-Osaka station, and from Shin-Osaka station to his final point at Sendai station.

Fastest golf drive

golf drive.jpg

Record: 349.38 km/h (217.1 mph)

Holder: Ryan Winther

Location: Orange County National Driving Range, Orlando, Florida, USA

That's not all: Winther is no stranger to using his power and torque for success on the golf course: he won the 2012 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship, with an average drive distance of more than 367 feet (111.8 m).

Highest popping toaster

Loading the Toaster with bread.jpeg

Record: 4.57 m (15 feet)

Holder: Matthew Lucci

Location: Venus, Texas, USA

That's not all: Lucci, only 14, designed his toaster after seeing this record featured in the 2010 Guinness World Records book. He was able to design a functioning toaster with a 12,000 rpm motor attached to launch the bread once it was toasted.

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