Record-breakers in the news today

It has been praised by critics as one of the greatest comebacks in the history of pop, with today marking the release of The Next Day, David Bowie's first album in 10 years.

While the 66-year-old may now be something of a veteran of the rock world, the London-born singer is still widely regarded as a futurist, forever looking to break new ground.

Among the world records associated with Bowie, the star holds the title for first musician-created internet service provider.

Launched in September 1998, BowieNet began as a high-speed Internet service across North America and then the world, offering each user a fully customisable home page, a email address, news groups, chat rooms, online shareware, and multi-player gaming.

In addition for music fans there were previously unreleased audio tracks, videos and photos available.

The service also gave each user 5 MB of space with encouragement to create their own web pages.

One aging rock star who isn't having such a great time of it is Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil, who was forced to leave the stage during a gig in Australia at the weekend after suffering "severe pain" from kidney stones.

The most kidney stones removed from a patient is 172,155, which were removed from Dhanraj Wadile by Dr Ashish Rawandale (India) at the Institute of Urology, Dhule, Maharastra, India on 8 December 2009.

There was no love lost between Chelsea interim boss Rafael Benitez said Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson following Sunday's FA Cup quarter-final clash at Old Trafford.

The two bosses have a well-documented frosty relationship, and things show no signs of improving, with Ferguson accusing Benitez of snubbing him for the customary post-match handshake following the entertaining 2-2 draw.

The longest handshake lasted 42 hours and 35 minutes and was achieved by Dinesh Timilsina and Pawan Timilsina (both Nepal) at the Everest College of Multiple Studies, Kathmandu, Nepal on 4-6 March 2011.

The brothers started their attempt at 1pm on the 4th and finished at 7.35am on the 6th March. They attempted the record with the motive of spreading the name of their college and Nepal to the world.

Today marks the second anniversary of the devastating earthquake which hit Japan, causing a catastrophic tsunami.

Despite the passing of time, the effects of the natural disaster are still being felt around the world are still being felt, with large amounts of debris is still being washed ashore in Hawaii and along the Pacific coast of North America.

More than 15,000 people were killed after the undersea megathrust earthquake struck off the coast of Japan with a magnitude of 9.03. The earthquake led to the worst tsunami-induced nuclear disaster, with a series of meltdowns, failures and releases of radioactive material at the Fukushima 1 Nuclear Power Plant.

The International Atomic Energy Agency classified the event as a "Level 7", only the second nuclear disaster to ever receive this status, following the Chernobyl disaster of 1986.