Following on from the sad news that Stewie, the world's longest cat had passed away, Guinness World Records was also saddened to hear of the recent passing of another amazing animal, Do, the world's longest living rabbit.

Do, who lived for an incredible 17 years and two weeks old, passed away last month.

The Jersey Wooly rabbit from Monmouth County, New Jersey came into owner Jenna Antol's life in June 1996 when she visited a local pet store

Recalling the first time she set eyes on Do, Jenna, a veterinary assistant, says: "I grew up with animals my entire life but when I was in 8th grade I wanted my own pet.

"While I wasn't entirely sure what sort of animal I wanted, I knew it had to be something small.


"My mother drove me to the local pet shop and there I spotted Do huddled in a corner at the bottom of a bird aviary - I thought he was perfect the moment I spotteed him."

After asking the store manager about the rabbit, a delighted Jenna was told that she could have him for free as she was the first person who had been interested in him and that he had been at the shop a while.

After giving her new friend the name Do on account of his "crazy" hair, Jenna set about reading up on rabbit care and soon devised a strict diet for her bunny as well as making sure he received lots of exercise.

It was this diet, along with good genetics and a large helping of love that Jenna credits for Do's longevity (Jersey Wooly's typically live from 5 to 10 years).

"I never gave him a carrot, or any other vegetables, fruits, or treats", she explains.

"Only timothy hay and some pellets - I kept it simple and consistent".

Along with 5 cats, a dog, and a chinchilla, Jenna has two other bunnies; 12-year-old Runaway, and Gemma, 14. With both receiving the same nourishment and attention as Do, there's every chance they may one day challenge his record.


However, it's clear a big hole in Jenna's life has been left following the passing of her record-breaking rabbit, whose unusually long life inspired her to write a book about his adventures which was published late last year.

"He had the most gentle and heartwarming disposition ever -that to me was his best trait, he loved you back through his eyes and nose bonks".

"Do was a bunny left to be forgotten and grew to be known in many places around the globe - the fact he was honored with a World Record means he'll now be remembered forever."


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