To mark the launch of Guinness World Records 2013 Gamer's Edition, The Record Slam show on GWR: OMG has been featuring some suitably challenging video game record attempts over the past couple of weeks.

Last week saw expert Call of Duty sharp shooter Callux make a valiant attempt at a particularly tough Black Ops II test.

This week's show sees host Marcus and Alfie joined by infamous YouTube commentator KSI as he attempts to set a new record for the highest margin of victory against the computer on FIFA 13.

As it's an open achievement, the challenger can choose any in-game settings for the record attempt, including match length and opponent difficulty.

Although playing against an opponent weakened to your preference while playing as a team with seemingly unbeatable stats may seem straightforward, KSI's target for the record was a margin of victory of 110 - requiring him to keep a frenetic pace of just under three goals per minute.

Arsenal fan KSI naturally picked the Gunners as his team for the challenge, choosing their North London rivals Tottenham as the whipping boys for the attempt.

In the run up, KSI was pretty confident of pulling off the feat, but you can find out if his cockiness was justified in the clip below.

If you think you can do better than KSI, why not post your score on our Challengers website?

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