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As discussed in our preview of Thursday night's action, the theme for the latest episode of "Guinness World Records: Gone Wild!" was record attempters using their head. And we meant all of it, from the teeth to the breath to the forehead and more.

Some people realized their dreams and others came nowhere close. Time now to recap all the action you may have missed from Thursday night on truTV: 

Most watermelons crushed with the head in one minute

The first attempt of the evening introduced us to a man who went simply by the name Trizzie D. Trizzie, a self-admittedly eccentric character, planned on using his unique talent of smashing things with his head to attempt the most watermelons crushed with the head in a minute.

As you can see from the above photo, Trizzie needed to visibly split each melon. But, while he started strongly needing just a single headbutt to crack a melon apart, he fatigued by the end, requiring multiple skull crushes to pierce the rinds. The final result saw the eclectic Mr. D fall 12 shy of the record 43 watermelons needed to make history.

Most quarters held in the nose

We've all asked for change of a dollar at some point.

But we've never seen somebody answer that request by reaching for their nose.

That all changed with Tom Gartin, who attempted to hold the most quarters in the nose. Tom, thanks to abnormally large nostrils and what was called the "stacking technique," was able to hold a total of 14 quarters in the nose for a minimum of 10 seconds for a new world record. The attempt brought Gartin literally to tears as he stuffed the quarters in the nostrils, before he was able to smile on his new place in the record books.

Most drink can tops torn off with the teeth

In one of the more anticipated events of the night, we were introduced to Canada's Ryan Stock.

Stock, we were told, would be ripping off the tops of as many drink cans as he could in one minute -- using his teeth.

The attempt continued a long and unique Guinness World Records tradition of opening drink containers in an unorthodox way, including records such as opening beer bottles with the teeth, belly button, and feet.

Of course, opening a metal drink can with the teeth can lead to all sorts of complications, but Stock chomped his way to a record 11 cans opened.

Burping and plunging fail to deliver

Two events in the middle of the show promised high entertainment, but neither attempt came close to setting a record.

First, Dan Katz downed a bottle of root beer in order to prepare himself for a go at the longest burp. Unfortunately, despite loosening his belt and coaxing the crowd into complete silence, Katz lasted only a few seconds, falling well short of the record number 1 min 13 sec.

After that, Ronald Farnham provided us with perhaps the best backstory of the night. A former CIA agent and member of the U.S. Army, Farnham once won a bet with a friend while cleaning toilets in the service that he couldn't get a plunger to stick to a window 20 feet away. He parlayed that talent into an attempt at the most human targets hit with plungers in one minute, needing to hit 16 for a new record. Farnham fell well short of the target number, but certainly gave us a story to remember.

Most hot water bottles burst in one minute

Longtime record-breaker Brian Jackson joined the action next. Jackson, who has held eight different breath-related Guinness World Records titles in his career, attempted his latest feat of trying to burst the most hot water bottles in 60 seconds. All he could use was his breath, blowing into the water bottles until they completely ruptured.

Making it look easy -- which is no surprise for a man who once blew up 370 balloons in one hour -- Jackson burst a record-breaking five bottles before time expired.

Fastest time to cross a greased pole

The last attempt of the night wasn't even confirmed until moments before it began. That's because it was a brand new, first-time record idea by three Massachusetts friends that required the approval of on-site Guinness World Records adjudicator Stuart Claxton: the fastest time to cross a greased pole.

After determining that the idea hit all the Guinness World Records criteria -- namely that it was measurable, standardizable, and verifiable -- for a new record category, the three friends each took their at-times-painful turns.

In the end, Joe DaSilva came away a record holder, crossing the treacherous 40-foot pole in a blistering 4.96 seconds.