Thursday night saw the debut of the new Guinness World Records series, "Guinness World Records Gone Wild!" on truTV in the U.S.

With pulse-pounding record attempts that ranged from the surreal to the sublime, the show had something for everyone: shattered glass, gouged gourds, and speeding vehicles headed straight for prospective record attempters.

If you missed the series premiere, you can download the entire episode for free right now on iTunes by clicking the button below (please note - the show is currently only available to download in the US).

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Here, Mike Janela recaps all the amazing action from the opening episode of the first original GWR show to hit America in more than a decade - beware spoilers!

Most tubes broken by a trampoline jump

After an opening montage that got the curiosity piqued for a season full of record-breaking (did we really spot a woman crushing watermelons with her thighs?!), it was time to get to our first record attempter: Toni Oppliger.

Oppliger hoped to shatter the most glass tubes with her body jumping off a trampoline. An honor graduate of Marine Corps Officer Candidates School, she was no stranger to a challenge, and it showed. On just her first jump, Oppliger cruised past the required 15 tubes needed for a record, literally smashing her way into history with 21 shattered tubes.

And just like that, "Guinness World Records Gone Wild!" was off to a flying start.

Fastest time to eat 20 lit birthday candles

Next up we were introduced to Christopher Schewe, a.k.a. "Shoenice." His task was to eat 20 lit birthday candles in the fastest time possible. Time to beat? 2 minutes.

After the first few seconds watching Shoenice scarf down the burning sticks of wax, we wondered just one thing: when he had birthday parties as a child, did he eat the candles while everyone else got some cake?

Unfortunately, while Shoenice did consume all of the candles in a record-breaking time, he ate some of the candles in multiples. One of the guidelines stated each candle needed to be eaten individually. Our first failed record of the season.

Most cans crushed by shoulder blades in one minute

Guinness World Records holders are often asked how they decided to pursue their particular endeavors. Many times, the answer is simply, "I was born this way."

So was the case of Fabrizio Milito, a young man with natural shoulder blades that he described as being able to protrude out of his back "like angel wings." And just like you can't teach height for a great basketball player, you can't teach shoulder blades for somebody attempting to crush cans with them.

With the help of his father - and after suffering some noticeable bruising - Milito earned himself a record with 23 cans crushed sufficiently.

No word if he can help you around the house sorting your recyclables.

Clothes pegs, cheerleaders and cucumbers

The middle of the show featured a trio of record attempts that were all unfortunately unsuccessful. A duel saw two contestants battle to attempt to pin the most clothes pegs to their face, but neither was able to get to within half of the record total of 160. A group of cheerleaders aborted an attempt at the most people crammed in a Mini Cooper for safety concerns, and an attempt at the most cucumbers sliced with playing cards in a minute fell short of the record mark as well. However, we now know who to ask if ever in need of a chopped salad at a poker table.

Most nails hammered with the head in one minute

To be completely honest, no words can do this record attempt justice. John Ferraro, whose skull has been measured at 2.3 times thicker than the average human's, used that skull to pound as many nails through wood as possible in a minute. It was bloody, it was breathtaking, it was brilliant. You should really just watch the clip.

Fastest time to jump over 3 moving cars head-on

Finally, we were treated to the night's main event: agile Aaron Evans - a parkour specialist - attempting to jump over three speeding cars in succession. And, not only leaping cars in a single bound, but doing so as quickly as possible. This meant potentially sacrificing critical recuperation time for his leg muscles in order to sneak in under record time.

Evans exuded a calm confidence as we watched him warm up all night; stretches that were slightly different than the calisthenics the average person might perform at their local gym.

In the end, it all paid off. Evans, at times barely sneaking over the oncoming sports cars, leaped straight into the books with an astonishing 29.09 seconds needed to perform his athletic magic. The crowd exhaled. He celebrated.

If the first episode was any indication, there is a ton of fantastic record-breaking coming up this season on "Guinness World Records Gone Wild!" The inspirational, the unique, and the amazing were all on display.

And while you certainly shouldn't try some of these stunts at home, you most definitely should be there watching.

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