Where do Jhoen Lefont's 1,503 straight touches while treading water rank on this year's list?

Don't get me wrong, December saw a lot of great sports action around the world and some serious record-breaking go down.

It was a particularly fruitful time for the NFL, whose regular season ended and resulted in a slew of marks being set or broken. Peyton Manning led the way with a historic passing season, breaking the two most hallowed single-season quarterback records possible: his 55 touchdowns and 5,477 passing yards broke the respective marks of Tom Brady (50) and Drew Bress (5,476). Not surprisingly, Manning's Broncos also carried the banner for the most prolific scoring season in NFL history. Denver broke the record for most points in an NFL season by a team with 606, while the 2013 campaign overall saw a record-setting average of 46.8 points per game across all contests - breaking the league's highwater mark of 46.5 from the 1948 season.

But enough about them; let's talk about you!

As we wrap up the world in records for 2013, we would never overlook the sports universe. And for all the attention and fame that people like Peyton Manning get, there are hundreds of amazing sports feats accomplished every year by fans like yourself.

So with that, enjoy our video look at the Top 5 fan records broken during 2013 from the world of sports. There's literally the longest golf club you've ever seen swung, a man falling from the sky with a bicycle, the answer to what an Aztec pushup is and more!

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Happy New Year!