From Grand Theft Auto V becoming the ­fastest entertainment property to gross $1 Billion to Harlem Globetrotters star Thunder Law shooting the longest successful basketball shot, 2013 has been a truly amazing year for record breaking.

To wrap things up, Adam Moore, Video Content Manager at Guinness World Records runs through his Top 10 favourite record breaking achievements of the past 12 months in the video below.

All are Officially Amazing – but which one is your favourite? Leave your choices in the comments at the foot of the page.

Adam’s Top 10 in full:

  • 10. Austin Coulson: Smallest roadworthy car
  • 9. Charles and Alli Trippy: Most consecutive daily personal video blogs posted on YouTube
  • 8. Kenichi Ito: Fastest 100 m running on all fours
  • 7. Steve Sansweet: Largest collection of Star Wars memorabilia
  • 6. Marc Márquez : Youngest MotoGP world champion
  • 5. Colonel Meow: Longest fur on a cat
  • 4. Thunder Law: Longest basketball shot
  • 3. Bob Dylan: Longest wait for a single's official music video
  • 2. Red Bull: Fastest Formula One Pit Stop
  • 1. Fastest Entertainment Property to gross $1 Billion: Grand Theft Auto