The crossword puzzle.

A staple of newspapers, vacation activity books, and now tablets and smartphones around the world, the simple boxes-and-letters creation celebrates 100 years of existence Saturday. The first-ever crossword was actually called a "word-cross," and appeared in the New York World's Dec. 21, 1913 issue, created by Arthur Wynne.

From Wynne to Margaret Petherbride to Will Shortz, the crossword has entertained fans throughout history and now we've come up with one just for you! All clues are GWR-themed, so test your world record knowledge and let us know how quickly you completed the puzzle in the comments.

The clues are listed out below, but they will also appear for that specific answer once you click on any box in the puzzle. There's also a "Solve" button that will complete the puzzle if you're having a hard time. But no cheating! So click to get started, and good luck!


-Both the GWR motto and title of current children's show airing on CBBC

-This actress holds the longest TV career for a female entertainer

-Country (abbr.) that's home to the most record holders

-Home city to GWR headquarters

-First and last name of the tallest man ever

-With 1 Down, one of only two books behind which GWR sits as the best-selling of all time

-Name of the TV network currently airing a first-run GWR program in the U.S.

-Korean pop sensation who holds record for most-viewed YouTube video


-With 12 Across, one of only two books behind which GWR sits as the best-selling of all time

-Month in which Guinness World Records Day falls each year

-Type of anniversary GWR will be celebrating in 2015

-Relationship of iconic GWR book editors the McWhirters

-First name of the man who's broken the most GWR records

-One of two game bird types that inspired the debate which led to the first-ever GWR book

-Country from which tallest living man Sultan Kosen hails

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