We continue our look back on an incredible year of record-breaking with the month that saw two Manchester United soccer legends announce their retirement. Sir Alex Ferguson called time on his management career, while former United midfield favourite David Beckham confirmed he was hanging up his playing boots.

Elsewhere, Microsoft unveiled their new console, the Xbox One for the first time during an event in Seattle, while science fiction sequel epics Iron Man 3 and Star Trek: Into Darkness both hit box office gold during the month.

We kick off our look back at May’s record breaking feats, with the best way to start your day – breakfast.

During an event organised by Kellogg’s Middle East & Africa at Dubai’s Marina Mall, a record-setting 1,354 participants sat down to eat together for the world’s largest cereal breakfast.

Breakfast 1

In order to seat the huge number of gathered diners, the organisers required a super-sized piece of furniture, so a table stretching an incredible 301 m (987 ft 6.36 in) along the marina’s promenade was created for the attempt, in turn setting a new world record for longest table.

Breakfast 2

To round matters off, Kelloggs also unveiled the world’s largest cereal box at the event, which measured 2.84 m (9 ft 3.84 in) in length, 1.11 m (3 ft 7.68 in) in depth and 4 m (13 ft 1.44 in) in height.

From the big to the incredibly small, when the month saw IBM set a Guinness World Records title for the smallest stop-motion film.

IBM scientists used thousands of tiny atoms to create 242 frames of stop-motion action, resulting in the final product, titled “A Boy and His Atom.” The record-breaking film was verified to have a frame size of 45 nanometres by 25 nanometres (45 x 25 billionths of a meter) and was developed in San Jose, California, USA, between 29 January and 6 February. The film (a frame of which is pictured above) lasts 60 seconds and shows the story of a boy named Atom, who befriends an atom and goes on to dance, play catch, and even bounce on a trampoline. Check out the movie in full:</p>

It may have taken a staggering two hours to travel along, but for Danish Lego enthusiast Henrik Ludvigsen, every moment of the journey on his incredible train track was one to savour.

Henrik and a team of 80 fellow Lego fans known as the Byggepladen built the longest plastic toy train track measuring at 4,000.25 metres (13,124 ft 2 in).

It took the Byggepladen about six hours to build the track which was made entirely out of plastic train tracks stored in Henrik's home.

The month also saw a little piece of hoistory for iconic TV game show Wheel of Fortune, with co-host Vanna White honored as Most Frequent Clapper

As of Jan. 31, 2013, it was estimated White clapped at least 3,480,864 times across the show's 30 seasons. She had appeared in all but 10 of Wheel's 5,754 episodes to that point, during the show's modern syndicated run, which began on Sept. 19, 1983. That works out to an average number of 606 claps per show.

May marked the 60 th anniversary of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay completing the first successful summit of Everest, the world’s highest mountain. To commemorate the ‘Diamond Jubilee’, Nepal held a special ceremony honouring Hillary and Tenzing, along with all of the climbers who have since followed in their footsteps.

Among the many celebratory events taking place over the week to mark the anniversary was an attempt at the world record for highest BASE jump exit point. Two years in the planning, extreme sports superstar, Valery Rozov (Russia) leapt off the north face of the mountain from a claimed height of 7,220 m (23,680 ft) above sea level.

Finally, Codemasters racing simulation GRID 2 was released in May winning plaudits from video game critics for its realism. However a special edition of the game really did allow you to step into the driver’s seat – with an actual 170mph BAC Mono supercar thrown into the package (pictured at the top of the page).

The catch – the special version of the game was priced at a whopping £125,000 ($190,100), which set a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for most expensive video game commercially available (special edition).

As well as including a copy of the PlayStation 3 version of the game and the car, the special edition also included a day at the BAC factory to customise the supercar along with a GRID-branded helmet and jumpsuit.

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