Thursday marked the ninth annual Guinness World Records Day, with thousands of people set to come together to celebrate the international day of record-breaking.

Established to commemorate the day in 2004 when Guinness World Records became the world’s best-selling copyright book, every year Guinness World Records Day captures the imagination of people young and old, from every side of the world to attempt some truly amazing and awe-inspiring feats. From the bonkers to the brilliant, nothing encapsulates the snapshot of human endeavours quite like Guinness World Records.

Here's a roundup of the best from #GWRday 2013:

New world records already confirmed today:


A grand total of 325 people have waddled their way to a new record for the largest gathering of people dressed as penguins - read more and watch video here


Hula queen "Marawa the Amazing" has led a team of 10 in London to the world record for most hula hoops spun simultaneously - read more and watch video here


German daredevil Joe Alexander is celebrating a world record double after setting new benchmarks for most darts caught by hand in one minute and most upright bottles walked across - read more and watch videos here


Kenichi Ito has broken his own record for the fastest 100m running on all fours in Tokyo, Japan - read more and watch video here


Norway's Helge Johansen has unfurled the world’s largest knitted scarf in Oslo - read more and watch video here


Harlem Globetrotters star Corey "Thunder" Law's incredible attempt for longest basketball shot in Phoenix, USA - read more and watch video here.


Tim Wade’s attempt at the most consecutive handsprings (male) in Texas, USA – read more and watch video here.

Pizza box story body.jpg

New Yorker Scott Wiener takes largest collection of pizza boxes title - read more here.

Wood -sculpture

An incredibly detailed sculpture, pictured above, by China's Zheng Chunhui measuring 12.286 m (40 ft 3.701in) long has been confirmed as the world's longest wooden carving.

Swords -underwater

In Australia, serial record breaker Chayne "Space Cowboy" Hultgren has added another title to his tally, this time for the most swords swallowed simultaneously underwater, after guzzling three blades while submerged at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre.

Largest -table -knife

Meanwhile in Limmared, Sweden, Claes Blixt was showing off the world's largest table knife measuring 2.48 m (8 ft 1.64 in) in length, 19.5 cm (7.68 in) in width and 8.2 cm (3.23 in) in thickness.

Commenting on Thursday's displays of record breaking , Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief, Craig Glenday, said: “If you’ve ever dreamt of getting your name in the world’s most famous record book, this is your chance. Guinness World Records Day brings together likeminded people, whether they’re hula-hoopers, sword swallowers or penguin fancy-dressers, and it’s free and open to absolutely anyone. It’s one thing to be amazing, but are you Officially Amazing?”