An annual environmental awareness festival held by IT company Konica Minolta Business Solutions (HK) Limited was the scene of a suitably green world record attempt recently, when 379 people pedalled their way to the title for Most People in a Static Cycling Relay in 12 Hours.

The successful attempt took place at during the Konica Minolta Green Concert 2013 at the Excelsior Plaza in Hong Kong’s World Trade Centre.

Members of the public were encouraged to join the official attempt which ran from 10am to 10pm.

Under the rules for the record, each participant needed to cycle a minimum of 1 kilometer before passing on to the next relay-style, with no more than a 20 second gap allowed between one participant dismounting and the next person beginning his or her cycle.

In order to set a new record, Konica Minolta were set a target of 250 people completing the required 1km in order to achieve the title, a figure they beat in some style.

Michelle Hui, Manager of Marketing & Corporate Communications Department for Konica Minolta kicked off the attempt, with Robert Ip, the company’s Director of Marketing, Sales and Technical Service, completing the final leg of the challenge 12 hours later.

The attempt also saw the support of seven Executive Committee Members from the Hong Kong Cycling Association who acted as witnesses.

Speaking after the event, Yoshihisa Ishibashi, Managing Director of Konica Minolta Business Solutions said: “Since 2010, Konica Minolta has been organizing the Green Concert, a large-scale human-powered concert, alongside the Power Generating Challenge – a contest to generate electricity for the Concert through pedaling static bikes with the aim of arousing public attention to environmental protection and raising funds for charity organizations.”

“This year, we have a very special new element to mark the occasion – the Guinness World Records™ Official Attempt, making the campaign this year an all-in-one event covering sports, green, charity, music, and a Guinness World Records™ title.

“With the corporate slogan ‘Green at Heart’, we hope the Green Concert can continue to be an annual signature event for Hong Kong.”