London’s Shaftesbury Theatre was the venue for an incredible display of hip-shifting this morning with a new record set for the Most Hula Hoops Spun Simultaneously.

Led by performer and circus artist ‘Marawa the Amazing’, the group of young women called ‘Marawa's Majorettes’, spun 264 hula hoops between them to enter the iconic record book.

Marawa, who has spent months with her group training for the record attempt, said: “It’s a difficult trick to do individually, so to get 10 of us successfully doing it at the same time is a great achievement!”

Guinness World Records Editor-In-Chief Craig Glenday was on hand to adjudicate the attempt, while Darius Campbell, star of the Tim Rice musical From Here To Eternity which is currently on show at the theatre, was also in attendance to cheer on the girls.