Determined record chasers are gearing up to wow viewers and secure a place in the record books when truTV's hit series “Guinness World Records Unleashed” returns this fall with all new episodes, beginning in the U.S. on Thursday, Nov. 7, at 8 p.m. (ET/PT).

Hosted by Dan Cortese, the series features daring and fearless record hopefuls as they attempt to secure their place in history by breaking some truly outrageous world records.

In addition to Cortese, “Guinness World Records Unleashed” features GWR’s Stuart Claxton, the show's primary adjudicator. Liz Smith, also of GWR, and comedian Zach Selwyn ( Greek, Battleship) provide commentary on all the action.

"The first season of Guinness World Records Unleashed brought us so many fantastic record competitors and amazing attempts," Claxton said. "But this second season will take things to a new level as even more outrageous records are tackled and passionate contestants look to make a name for themselves."

With “Guinness World Records Unleashed,” the curtain is drawn back to reveal what really goes on when people attempt the most unbelievable, jaw-dropping records. Each attempt is evaluated by official Guinness World Records adjudicators, who of course have the final say over whether a record is broken.

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Since the premiere of “Guinness World Records Unleashed” in February, a total of 42 record attempts were made, with 20 broken, 21 failed and one tie. Among the successes were new records for the Highest shallow dive; Most drink can lids torn off with the teeth in one minute; Most consecutive backflips on a pogo stick; Highest jump into marshmallows; Most eggs crushed with the head in one minute; and Most sausages swallowed in one minute.

"What's most incredible about being on the program is the range and variety of all the records attempted," Smith said. "From activities you can try at home to those done by professionals who have trained for years, it truly covers the entire universe of record-breaking."

Records slated to be attempted in the first two episodes alone this season include the Fastest talker; Most kicks to the head in one minute (self), and Longest duration resisting a jet engine stream, among others.

More upcoming episodes will tackle records like the Fastest time running through 10 locked and burning doors; Longest moving quad bike jump; Most backflips on a water flyboard; and Greatest height being launched from a cannon.

"If you're a fan of record-breaking or even just watching everyday people do incredible things, you will not want to miss this season," Claxton said. "Without giving away any spoilers, you'll see something every week that will have you still talking about it the next day."

For more information on the show, including clips, cast bios, games, and more, be sure to check out truTV's dedicated Guinness World Records Unleashed page.