Looking to add to their world record tally, the boys of One Direction spent a part of 1D Day on Saturday attempting some official Guinness World Records achievements during their live, global video stream on YouTube and Google+.

With official GWR adjudicators on hand to verify both attempts, all five members first tried to build the tallest toilet paper stack in 30 seconds. Needing to beat 28 rolls in a single, standing stack, Harry, Zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis broke into two teams and built competing towers. Check out how they got on.

Later, Liam took the lead in attempting the mark for most balloons burst by sitting in 30 seconds. With Zayn as one of his assistants, Liam needed to beat a tally of 27 balloons, and each of his two attempts knocked on history's door.

So while they couldn't quite add to their record-breaking legacy, still a very game effort from the guys on their very special day. And we've learned to maybe not bring balloon animals to Liam's next birthday party!

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