For teenager Tim Wade of Texas, it’s another year, another record.

The 17-year-old has recaptured his old title for the most consecutive handsprings (male), following up his 39 from October 2012 with a new mark of 46 set in celebration of Guinness World Records Day 2013.

Wade broke his record at Dallas’ famous AT&T Stadium, home of the NFL’s Cowboys, at the 2013 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Fall Championship.

“Representing the United States on Guinness World Records Day is amazing this year,” said Wade, who lives 140 miles from AT&T, “because we broke the record in Dallas Cowboys stadium.”

An avid tumbler, Wade grew up practicing in a family-owned gym, having worked at gymnastics “since the day he was born,” according to his mother.

Incidentally on that night last year, Wade’s younger brother Cale set the original record with 36 handsprings. Tim then eclipsed him the same evening with 39 before seeing the record balloon to 44 in the last year.

Now Tim has reclaimed his spot as the most indefatigable male tumbler in the world.

Handsprings story body.jpg

“I hit a wall at 35 (handsprings) and from then on, you kind of can’t see very much and you just go with what your body feels,” Wade said. “You have to keep doing those handsprings and just slowly build up from one until your top-out max.”