The coin-op right may have been faster, and the bead mosaic larger, but in the end, the kids outdid them all.

With 42.92% of the vote, Calmore Infant and Junior School (UK) and its record for longest human chain to pass through a hula hoop held off stiff competition to claim last week's Fan Choice. Those students will now be entered into our year-end competition where we'll ask you, the fans, to choose your favorite record of 2013.

This week, we've got a a lot of people floating and a domino engineering wonder, but first, we go to Croatia!


Record: 596 m (1,955 ft 4.52 in)

Holder: Vladimir Vidriæ primary school (Croatia)

Location: Kutina, Croatia

That's not all: It took 425 students and 50 teachers to put the chain together, which came about as a school project designed to unite the students to a single task. A poll of the pupils revealed that they found assembling the scoubidou more fun than going on Facebook, as it made them calmer!


False mustaches.jpg

Record: 2,268

Holder: City of Fairfield & the Fairfield RAGBRAI Committee (USA)

Location: Fairfield, Iowa, USA

That's not all: RAGBRAI stands for The Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, an event that's been held each year since 1973. More than 20,000 people descended upon the city for the race weekend, offering plenty of eager participants for the record attempt.


Record: 5.27 m (17 ft 3.9 in)

Holder: Thomas Holmes (UK)

Location: Bristol, UK

That's not all: To construct his record-breaking structure, Holmes painstakingly stacked just 2,688 dominoes, compared to more than 9,000 used in the previous record. As a structural engineer professionally, Holmes has worked on projects including the Qatar National Museum, London's Leadenhall Skyscraper, and the Abu Dhabi International Airpot.


Origami boats.jpg

Record: 4,345 boats

Holders: Montessori Kita St Godehard (Germany)

Location: Forst, Germany

That's not all: The record attempt took place to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the kindergarten in Forst. The origami display represented a boat as the theme was "Noah and his Ark." More than 200 people helped contribute to making boats for the display.


Treading water.JPG

Record: 469 participants

Holder: Buffalo Triathlon (USA)

Location: Buffalo, Minnesota, USA

That's not all: These people could've used some of those boats! The Triathlon held this attempt to spread awareness for learning how to swim, in order to prevent water-related injuries and drownings in the area's lakes for people who don't know how to swim.

And those are your nominees for this week's Fan Choice; time now to cast your vote!

Then check back here next week to see who you've helped crown the latest fan favorite!

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