After a thorough investigation involving external expertise, Guinness World Records has decided to rest the record category forlargest upper arm circumference; the current record being held by Mustafa Ismail (USA).

After publication of Mr. Ismail's record in September 2012, we received a number of calls from the public querying whether it was possible to achieve Mr. Ismail's result without the use of body-enhancing substances, in particular Synthol.

Guinness World Records would like to make it absolutely clear that it has seen no medical evidence to support any claim that Mr. Ismail used Synthol or any other body-enhancing substance.

However, after extensive consultation and advice from the appropriate governing bodies, Guinness World Records has taken the decision to no longer accept claims forlargest upper arm circumferenceon the grounds that there are too many evidentiary variables to ensure a declarative benchmark that is firmly beyond dispute.