At the end of each month here on on, we'll be bringing you some of the highlights from our new website Guinness World Records Challengers.

What is Guinness World Record Challengers?

Challengers is an area of the Guinness World Records site to watch or attempt Guinness World Records. There's also areas for discussion and the ability to suggest a new record category. It's a place where anyone can try to become a record holder!

How can I break a record?

First, you'll need an account. Then, pick your challenge, film your attempt, and upload your video. A Guinness World Records Adjudicator will review your attempt to let you know if you're a new record holder!

Here's our pick of this August's of record-breaking videos!

Most coins stacked into a tower in 30 seconds

Check this out! Sent in by Silvio Sabba from Italy, here he is going for the most coins stacked in 30 seconds which he completed in Strumica, Macedonia on 21 August 2012 with a stack of 49 coins.

Silvio actually holds 30 separate Guinness World Records, including the most squats in one minute on a single leg and most AA batteries held in one hand.

This particular coin stacking record has actually been broken seven times and is one of our most popular records which anyone can try at home - want to have a go and show us what you're made of?

Most hair clips on the head in 30 seconds

Moving on to hair clips….above, you see Preyans Patel who hails from Vejalpur, Gujarat, India going for the record for most hair clips placed on the head in 30 seconds which he attempted in August 2012 succeeding with a ridiculous 37 clips!.

No mean feat this; you must use only standard commercially available 'snap' style clips and wigs/hair extensions are a big no-no.

Our man Preyans though knows a thing or two about record breaking being one of our most avid GWR Challengers fans.

He even grew out his hair (against the wishes of his school authorities) so he could get the record - more power to you, big man!

Do you have what it takes to take him down? Show us how!

Fastest time to shell a boiled egg

Now this is egg-citing! (Er…sorry)

This is Silvio Sabba, another GWR Challengers champion, going for the fastest time to shell a boiled egg -- finishing in a staggering 2.66 seconds.

Silvio actually holds three other records on our site. You can check out his other videos for fastest time to build a three level house of cards, most dice stacked in a minute and longest line of M&M's Pretzel candies lined up in 30 seconds right now!

Nice one sir, another example of an easy-to-do GWR attempt so listen everyone:

Get your video out, have a go and show us how you stack up against these GWR Challengers legends!