Summer winds to a close as Labor Day approaches this weekend. Before we say goodbye to such a fun, warm season, here's a list of the top 10 Guinness World Records relating to Summer:

1. Most expensive hot dog
The most expensive hot dog is the California Capitol City Dawg, which sells for USD $145.49 (GBP £93.39) at Capitol Dawg in Sacramento, California, USA, and was introduced on 31 May 2012.

2. Largest beach towel
The largest beach towel measured 87.14 m (285 ft 10 in) in length and 25.20 m (82 ft 8 in) in width and was manufactured by Fateka S.L. on behalf of Compañía Cervecera de Canarias (Tropical brand). The green towel was displayed at Playa de las Canteras in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain, on 5 June 2010.

3. Longest sand sculpture
The longest sand sculpture measures 27.3 km (16.96 miles) long and was achieved by the infotainment programme Abenteuer Leben, produced by kabel eins (Germany), with the help of 11,000 volunteers. The event took place on Schaabe beach, on the isle of Rügen, Germany, on 12 June 2011. Russian sculptors were especially flown in for the record-breaking event.

4. Largest bikini parade
The largest bikini parade was achieved by 1,085 participants at an event organized by Huludao Municipal Government (China) in Huludao City, Liaoning, China, on 19 August 2012.

5. Longest barbecue
The longest barbecue measured 6,166 m (20,229 ft 7 in) and was created by the M1 Shopping Centre (Turkey) in Gaziantep, Turkey, on 8 November 2009. The meat was grilled on the entire length of the grill in a sish kebap style, which is what Gaziantep is famous for.

6. Most people applying sunscreen
The most people applying sunscreen is 1,006 and was achieved by Banana Boat Australia (Australia) in Terrigal, New South Wales, Australia, on 8 January 2012. Participants continued applying sunscreen for a period of 2 minutes.

7. Largest swimming pool by area
The largest swimming pool in the world is the San Alfonso del Mar seawater pool in Algarrobo, Chile. It is 1,013 m (3,324 ft) long and has an area of 8 ha (19.77 acre), it was completed in December 2006.

8. Longest jouney swimming The longest journey swimming is 5,268 km (3273.38 miles) and was achieved by Martin Strel (Slovenia) who swam the entire length of the Amazon River, Peru/Brazil, from 1 February to 8 April 2007. Martin swam as little as 9 kilometres one day and as much as 127 kilometres on one day as he swam the length of the river in 67 days. He started in Atalaya, Peru and finished in Belem, Brazil.

9. Most bioluminescent insect
The insect considered to be the most bioluminescent is the firefly (Pyrophorus noctilucus) which has been documented as having a surface brightness of 45 millilamberts. The light emitted by fireflies (which are actually beetles, not flies) is unique as almost 100% of the energy is given off as light. In a lightbulb only 10% of the energy is light with the other 90% given off as heat.

10. First air conditioner
US inventor Willis Haviland Carrier designed and built the first air conditioning system in 1902. It was devised for a printer in New York, USA, who had found that temperature fluctuations were causing his paper to warp, resulting in the misalignment of the coloured inks. Carrier's patent was granted in 1906.