Since 1987, Paddy Doyle has been something of a permanent fixture in Guinness World Records books.

A former member of the British Army's Parachute Regiment, the 46-year-old from Birmingham, UK is now recognised as one of the most formidable professional multi-disciplinary athletes around, holding a truly remarkable 23 separate current records.

Often dubbed "the World's Fittest Man", Paddy's troubled early life was punctuated with regular run-ins with the law before he joined the army at the age of 20.

Here Paddy represented his Battalion in army cross country competitions and was awarded champion recruit for outstanding fitness levels and determination.

Upon his discharge Paddy took up judo, amateur boxing and gymnastics before eventually becoming an endurance athlete.

Paddy's impressive list of Guinness World Record titles include the most one arm push-ups in one hour, the most competitive full contact rounds in boxing and other martial arts and most one arm push-ups in one hour.

We caught up with Paddy, who talked us through his amazing record-breaking life, his toughest attempts and how he prepares for his gruelling challenges.