Christopher Nolan's third film in the Dark Knight trilogy opens this weekend, and Batman is no stranger to Guinness World Records. While we wait for the third film to make box office history, here's our list of the Top 10 Dark Knight-related records:

1. Fastest $100 million box office film gross
Batman: The Dark Knight (USA, 2008) grossed $100 million (then £65.34 million) in less than two days following its release - the fastest film ever to do so at the time. The Dark Knight also held records for the highest grossing film release on IMAX, highest grossing PG-13 film, highest box-office gross from a midnight screening, and highest box office film gross (single day's takings).

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2. First Batman video game
The legendary caped crusader's first video game appearance came in Batman, a game published by Ocean Software in the UK in 1986 for the ZX Spectrum home computer.

3. Largest collection of Batman memorabilia
The largest collection of Batman memorabilia belongs to Zdravko Genov (Bulgaria) and consists of 1,160 different items as of 10 December 2011.

4. Most adapted comic book character
Batman has starred in eight full-length live-action movies, starting with Batman (USA, 1966), a feature film version of the popular TV series, through to The Dark Knight Rises (USA, 2012). This tally does not include any of the animated Batman series produced over the years.

5. Most expensive Batman memorabilia sold at auction
A Batmobile used in Joel Schumacher's (USA) movie Batman Forever (USA 1995) sold at the Kruse International collector car auction in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, in September 2006 for a record $335,000 (£175,770) to John O'Quinn (USA).

6. Most screen appearances as Batman
Adam West (USA) has made 156 individual screen appearances as Batman, including 120 episodes of the 1966-68 Batman TV series and its accompanying feature film, numerous voiceover performances for animated series and TV movies, and the computer generated video short 'Batman: New Times' in 2005.

7. Highest box office film gross - opening weekend
Sci-fi action movie Inception (USA, 2010) racked up a record-breaking $62,785,337 (£41,021,400), across 3,792 cinemas, on its opening weekend of 16­-18 July 2010. Directed by Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan, Inception also starred Dark Knight cast members Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Caine and Marion Cotillard.


8. Highest box office film gross for a composer
As of April 2012, films featuring scores by Dark Knight Rises composer Hans Zimmer (Germany) have grossed a total of $19.625 billion (£12.159 billion) worldwide.

9. Longest running comic published monthly
The longest running monthly comic book is Detective Comics, which has been printed continuously by DC Comics in the USA since Issue #1 in March 1937. The comic introduced the character of Batman in Issue #27 in May 1939.

10. Highest frequency hearing - animal
Bats (order Chiroptera) have the most acute hearing of any non-aquatic animal, due to their ultrasonic echolocation. Most species use frequencies in the 20-80 kHz range, although some can hear frequencies as high as 120-250 kHz, compared with almost 20 kHz for the human limit and 280 kHz for the common dolphin (Delphinus delphis).