A giant-sized version of the Hot Wheels Double Dare Snare track toy formed part of a successful attempt at the largest loop the loop in a car world record at the weekend.

The attempt by the Hot Wheels stunt team took place as part of the X Games in Los Angeles on Saturday.

It saw rally driver Tanner Foust and Hollywood stuntman Greg Tracy complete the double-loop in tandem, reaching 85km/h and 7Gs: seven times the force of gravity, and around the same that jet fighter pilots experience.

The pair trained for a year to complete the loop, which held the risk of the drivers passing out due to gravity forces.

The huge 18.2-metre high spiral track broke the previous record set last year by Chinese driver Li Yatao, who managed to negotiate a 12.8m loop in Shanghai while driving a Youngman Lotus L5 Sportback.

'I tell you what, I'm at a loss for words. That was absolutely the coolest thing I've ever done,' Tracy told EPSN after successfully completing the stunt.

'It was a handful trying to land it and get it slowed down. I knew Tanner was right behind me and I was just hoping we weren't going to tangle before we got to the end.'