A new Guinness World Records was achieved last week in Poland as part of a bid to raise awareness of how ear implants can help those with hearing loss.

Organised by Professor Henryk Skarzynski, a leading audiologist and phoniatris, the event saw a succesful attempt at setting a record for the largest gathering of people with medical ear implants.

The attempt, which took place at Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing in Kajetany, Poland involved participants from a wide range of age groups.

Since this was a new record category at Guinness World Records, the minimum number of participants was set at 500, which was handedly broken with a final count of 557 people taking part.

The Institute is one of the leading centers in the world for performing ear implant operations.

In addition to celebrating the 20th anniversary of the cochlear implantation in Poland, Prof. Skarzynski's aim with this record was to build the social awareness that ear implants are a good solution for people with deep profound hearing disorders.

Not content with breaking one record, Prof. Skarzynski also set a second record tha tsame weekend, this time for the largest collection of snail related items, with 1,377 snail-related artefacts.

The professor started to collect snail related items due to their similarity in shape to the hearing aid he implants.

Taking almost three hours to count, the items consisted of glasses, pictures, books, jewelery, carpets, flowers, furniture's, figurines, accessories, and more.