Human mattress domino record falls again in China - video

By Guinness World records News

It's been toppled again! A new world record was set at the weekend in China for the largest human mattress dominoes after 1,001 volunteers crashed comfily to the ground.

The attempt which was organised by mattress firm Bellarest International, took place in an empty section of a shopping mall in China's financial hub of Shanghai.

The rally, which beat the former record of 850 set in February this year in New Orleans, USA, took 11 minutes and 11 seconds to complete.

Guinness World Records adjudicator Dong Cheng was on hand to witness the event and award the team with a certificate confirming their record breaking status following the successful attempt.


"For an event like this involving 1,000 people to succeed first time is not just about luck. All other conditions must be correct. First of all, all the participants must fully understand the rules," he said.

"Second, the volunteers were all very brave. No one dodged when the two-meter-high mattress fell onto them," he added.