Over four days last weekend, a team from Guinness World Records were in attendance at X Games 2012 in Los Angeles.

While there, they awarded certificates to some of our action sports record holders, adjudicated the Hot Wheels "Double Loop Dare" record attempt, for the largest loop the loop in a car, and ran a series of daily challenges, hoping to find some new record breakers.

Here's a taste of what a typical day at X Games is like for the Guinness World Records team:

9.30am - We arrive at the X Games venue (in and around the Staples Center, home of the famous LA Lakers basketball team), ready for the 10am opening to the public.

With us we have brought many boxes of 2012 Guinness World Records books to give away, and everything we need to run the day's record challenges at the skatepark.

For the next two hours we talk to world record fans at the largest skateboard which we have on display (over 36 feet long), helping them to take pictures of themselves with it, and inviting them to enter our X Games photo competition.


12pm - It's time for first of three record challenge sessions, this one is at the X Fest skatepark, for the most skateboard ollies in one minute.

The current record is 51, which will be a tough mark to beat. 8 skaters step up and attempt this challenge, while a crowd of spectators watches and cheers them on.

After extremely good efforts all round and a couple of really close attempts, it is 16-year-old Jacob who comes out on top, beating the existing record by just one ollie!

All our participants are given free copies of our 2012 book for taking part, and are glad to have been a part of an official Guinness World Records attempt.


1.30pm - For our next challenge session, we are at the scooter park. Team Razor's pro team attempt and successfully set two records: Dakota Schuetz performs 12 backflips in a minute, and Dan Barrett performs 57 tailwhips in a minute - receiving his certificate from our own Dan Barrett ! (The meeting of the two Dan's is captured in our main image at the top of the page).

3pm - For the third and final challenge session of the day, we are now over at the mini ramp. Eight-year-old Annika Vrklan successfully defends her own record from X Games 16 two years ago, tying her previous score of 31 backside grinds in one minute!

4pm - We spend some more time speaking to record fans and answering their questions at the largest skateboard, and call in at the X Games press center to check on the results of the day's competitions so far.

6pm - It's time for the skateboard big air heats and final. We're rooting for young record holders Tom Schaar (first skateboard 1080, youngest X Games gold medallist) and Jagger Eaton (youngest X Games competitor).

Jagger doesn't make the cut from the heats to the final, and while Tom does, he doesn't finish in the medals on this occasion. Bob Burnquist takes the gold with this technically challenging run:

7.30pm - We head straight into the Staples centre for back to back Moto X events. In the step up, Ronnie Renner shatters the previous high of 37 feet, clearing a 47 foot tall bar to take the gold and a new world record.

In the best trick event, neither Clinton Moore nor Kyle Loza successfully land their never-before-landed, potential world record tricks - a 720 spin and a bike flip respectively - though hopefully one or both will make these finally at next year's event.

Australia's Jackson Strong takes the gold, with a beautifully executed body varial, in the final event of the evening.

10.30pm - We head back to our hotel after an exhausting but enjoyable day's work, for some well-deserved dinner and sleep!

Dan Barrett