A British musician is hoping to reclaim the title for highest altitude concert on land after playing an intimate gig on Mount Everest.

Oz Bayldon and a team of eight volunteers reportedly carried three guitars, an iPad and a small portable amp up 6,654m (21,825ft) to the summit of Mera Peak on Mount Everest, before performing a 40 minute gig in freezing temperatures last Wednesday.

Guinness World Records is currently awaiting evidence in order to verify if Oz and his team have won back their record.

Oz and a number of other artists originally set the record after playing a show at Kalar Pattar, above base camp at Mount Everest in 2005.

However, that feat was bettered two years later when Musikkapelle Roggenzell - a group of 10 musicians from Germany and Bolivia - scaled Mount Acotango in Bolivia to perform at 6,069 m (19,911 ft).

Oz's latest attempt has so far raised £35,000 for Music4Children, a charity he has founded that is hoping to fund a Nepalese orphanage.

Speaking to Metro.co.uk after the concert, Oz said: "'I didn't hesitate to plan this trip when I heard my record had been beaten.

'I see this as my title and there was no way I was going to let someone else have it that easily.

'I don't want to think about it now but if I have to do it all again, I will.'

To find out more about Music4Children, head to http://www.music4children.org.