Guinness World Records can today confirm that Sierra Leone has successfully achieved its first world record following an attempt for the Largest Sampa dance title in the nation's capital.

Dancers from schools across Freetown came together on Thursday to perform a synchronized Sampa dance (a folk dance traditional in Sierra Leone) at the Brookfields National Stadium.

The event was organised by the Mariatu Kargbo Foundation and was part of celebrations for Sierra Leone's national Independence Day on 27 th April 2012.

The record attempt was verified by an official Guinness World Records adjudicator who confirmed that with 1,002 dancers all successfully completing the dance, a new world record had been set.

Follwoing the attempt, the Hon. Victoria Sylvia Saidu-Kamara, Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Government of the Republic of Sierra Leone said: "I am still reflecting on the feeling of excitement from the citizens of Sierra Leone when we made the grade and won the record and the official certificate was issued to Mama Salone. I was dancing for joy and even crying with joy for this remarkable achievement for the country. As the first female minister of tourism.

"I believe strongly that this record organized by Mariatu will make the women of Sierra Leone very proud. Everyone, men, women and children are proud of this achievement."

Mariatu Kargbo, who runs the Mariatu Kargbo Foundation which helped organise the attempt said: "When the record was announced, I cried so much I could not take the certificate. It has been so much work, so much effort and now we have the first Guinness World Record that our country can be proud of."

"Also, I must thank Guinness World Records for sending their adjudicator to our country for the first time. I hope that our achievement will show that we are a proud and fun loving people and that everyone in the world is welcome to Sierra Leone."