From Freddie Hoff in New York, USA

A new world record was set at the weekend for the most players taking part in a single online battle in a first-person shooter video game.

Browser-based FPS Man vs Machine from Swedish developers MuchDifferent saw 999 players take to the action at one time on Sunday.

The studio had been hoping to hit the 1,000 player mark, but fell just short by a single player, in part due to an imposed 5-second timeout on new players joining to replace those who left.

The figure nevertheless set a new benchmark for online video gaming.

"We did something amazing on Sunday," MuchDifferent CEO Christian Lönnholm stated .

"Gamers and developers from all over the world fought a never before seen massive online battle. 999 players amassed the field and despite one team being obviously more powerful, it was all great fun."

"I am very proud that we could show the world such a massive game with no lag and great responsiveness," Lönnholm added.

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