A 95-year-old Montana man has earned a new Guinness World Records title as the 'Oldest Performing Clown'.

Born in 1916, Floyd Creekmore, or "Creeky", takes the title from Andrew Beyer 'Bumbo the Clown', who set the record at 86 years old in 2004.

Given the nickname "Creeky" as a child, Floyd has been entertaining people at rodeos and fairs since the age of 10 and likes to say he has performed for people aged 1 to 100.

As a child he would attend the circus and ask clowns for advice on costumes and face paint.

Born in Montana on July 14, 1916 Floyd continues to reside in Billings, Montana today.

He pursued clowning in his spare time and worked as a Rector and then a construction worker before retiring. He has been married to wife, Betty, for 70 years and they have 3 children, 5 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

After retiring Floyd joined the Al Bedoo Shrine Clown unit in 1981 where he could entertain full time.

Shrine clowns aim to raise money for Shrine Hospitals for Children, which provides free care to disabled kids and youngsters who have sustained burns injuries.

Floyd performs as an "Auguste" clown with a classic red nose, white mouth and oversized clothing.

He has around a dozen costumes, some sewn by his wife and niece, and considers his favorite to be a yellow and orange outfit with matching orange hair and yellow bowler hat.

Creeky certificate.jpg

Most of the clowns Floyd joined with retired years ago and as the oldest clown in the unit he likes to call himself the "clown boss".

Since joining the shrine Floyd has served as President of the unit and was selected Clown of the Year by the International Shrine Clown Association in 1993.

Floyd was presented with his Guinness World Records certificate during the annual International Shrine Clown Association.

When asked if he would retire anytime soon, Floyd said: "Right now I feel good enough to clown so I'll just keep it up until I can't!"