The entire world was united on a football field in Miami, Florida, earlier this month, in the shape of a larger-than-life image made entirely out of flags from every country, island and landmark on the planet.

Latin singer and actor, Jencarlos Canela and his father and manager Heriberto had both always dreamed of becoming Guinness World Records record holders and so set about at an attempt for the title of largest flag logo/image.

Teaming up with the Kiwanis of Little Havana Foundation charity, the attempt took place on March 11, coinciding with Miami's 35 th Annual Calle Ocho Carnavale Celebration - an event celebarting all things 'Latin'.

The Caenla's decided to create a number '1' using flags from every country in the world to represent the unity of all people as 'one world.'

The rules for the attempt were straightforward -a minimum of 400 flags had to be used and connected with no spaces in between them to create one solid image.

Flag image.jpg

In order to verify the record, Guinness World Record adjudicator Johanna Hessling had to count all of the flags to verify how many had been used, while an aerial photo had to be taken of the entire image to ensure it did indeed form a number 1.

It took over 100 volunteers to carefully roll out the image in order for the count to take place. Once this was done, a Miami firefighter climbed a fire truck's ladder to take the photo required for the record to be approved.

Measuring a total length of 250 ft (76.20 m) by 36 ft (10.98 m), a total of 422 flags were confirmed to have been used and a new Guinness World Records record was declared.

Jencarlos arrived at the Carnavale to receive the certificate at a special presentation later in the day before the flag image was paraded for over one million attendees of the festival to see.