From Chris Sheedy in Sydney, Australia

One of the most unfortunate outcomes of working at Guinness World Records is the fact that we are not allowed to take part in a record attempt that we are adjudicating.

Having watched people attempting such records as worm eating, arrow catching and fire walking, sometimes that's a good thing.

But every so often a record comes along that leaves us wishing we could lose the clipboard, put down the stopwatch and simply join in.

For me, the most people being massaged was one of them. So was the longest motorcycle jump. And how could I not wish to be involved in the attempt on the biggest water balloon fight?

Last Friday's record attempt that I adjudicated would be another that I wished I could have been part of.

As Sydney city welcomed autumn with an uncharacteristic rain storm, a collection of 85 beds under cover of a marquee appeared very inviting indeed.

The beds filled throughout the morning with wannabe record breakers, lured by the offer of a free breakfast, the excitement of a record attempt and the simple promise that this event would make them feel beautiful.

Popular pharmacy and beauty chain Priceline had partnered up with leading magazine Women's Health to bring the Priceline motto "I feel beautiful" to life. And what's more beautiful than a breakfast in bed?

The beds quickly filled with one or two people in each, but the record of 250 required three in almost every bed, so latecomers were crammed next to couples on the pink sheets.

When the breakfasts were served by an army of waiting staff and the starter hooter sounded, 292 people filled the 85 beds.

Three were disqualified (one was a baby that did not eat the served breakfast and two had their legs over the edges of the beds), so the final record was 289 people.

Judging by the smiles on the faces of the record breakers, Priceline and Women's Health had indeed made this crowd feel beautiful.