The opportunity to set a new world record for the largest human mattress dominoes was an offer that 850 people in Louisiana took lying down on Tuesday.

The attempt, which was organised by hotel firm La Quinta Inns & Suites took place at a convention centre in New Orleans.

Each mattress represented one of La Quinta 850 hotels across the US, with each one manned by an employee or owner of the firm.

The chain, which was arranged by domino toppling expert Robert Speca, took several minutes to complete, beating the previous record of 550 people set in Belgium last year by some margin.

The mattresses, which were provided by Simmons Bedding Company, are now set be donated to local charities.

Incidently, the record for the largest human domino line without mattresses stands at an incredible 10,267 participants and was set at the Ordos International Nadam Fair in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China, in August 2010.