Following today's amazing news that Chandra Bahadur Dangi has been confirmed as being the shortest adult human to ever have their height verified by Guinness World Records ( full story here), here are ten other astonishing records that Nepal can lay claim to.

Longest handshake
The longest handshake lasted 42 hours and 35 minutes and was achieved by Dinesh Timilsina and Pawan Timilsina (both Nepal) at the Everest College of Multiple Studies, Kathmandu, Nepal on 4-6 March 2011.

Youngest photographer
The youngest professional photographer is Rirendra Shrestha (Nepal b. 29 December 2004) who was 2 years and 2 days old at the time of exhibiting and selling his work at Nepal Art council situated at Babr Mahal, Nepal on 31 December 2006 to 03 January 2007.

Longest time spinning a GWR book on finger
The longest time spinning a Guinness World Records book on the finger is 30 minutes 1.08 seconds and was achieved by Thaneswar Guragai (Nepal) at Guinness International Education Foundation in Gaushala, Kathmandu, Nepal, on 25 February 2011.

Most conquests of Mt. Everest
Apa Sherpa (Nepal) reached the summit of Mt Everest for the 21st time on 11 May 2011, the most times anyone has ever successfully climbed the world's highest mountain.

Most basketball bounces in one minute
The most bounces of a basketball in one minute was 444 by Thaneswar Guragai (Nepal) at the Guinness International Education Foundation in Gaushala, Nepal, on 7 October 2010. Among the witnesses of the attempt was the president of the Nepal Basketball Association.

Most tennis balls held in the hand
The greatest number of tennis balls held in one hand is 21 and was achieved by Rohit Timilsina (Nepal) for 14.32 seconds in Kathmandu, Nepal, on 14 June 2008.

Highest living snake
The world's highest living snake is the Himalayan pit viper (Agkistrodon himalayanus). This venomous species has been found at altitudes up to 4,900 m (16,072 ft).

Highest mobile phone call
The highest altitude at which a land based mobile phone call was successfully made is 8,848 m (29,029 ft), achieved by Rod Baber (UK) using a Motorola MOTO Z8 on the summit of Mt Everest, Nepal, at 12.52 am GMT on 21 May 2007.

Highest altitude hotel
The Hotel Everest View above Namche, Nepal - the village closest to Everest base camp - is at a record height of 3,962 m (13,000 ft).

Highest marathon
The highest start to a marathon is for the biennially-held Everest Marathon, first run on 27 November 1987. It begins at Gorak Shep, 5,212 m (17,100 ft) and ends at Namche Bazar, 3,444 m (11,300 ft). The fastest times to complete this race are, men 3 hrs 50 mins 23 secs by Hari Roka (Nepal) in 2000, and women 4 hrs 35 mins 4 secs by Anna Frost (New Zealand) in 2009.

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