Japanese boy band producer Johnny Kitagawa recently clinched his third Guinness World Records title, the most #1 acts produced by an individual.

The 81-year-old Los Angeles, CA native has produced 35 #1 acts as of 24 September 2012.

The three newest acts to reach #1 are Kis-My-Ft2, SexyZone and A.B.C-Z.

Johnny Kitagawa also set the Guinness World Records titles for the most #1 singles produced by an individual and for the most concerts produced by an individual.

Between 2000 and 2010, Johnny put on an amazing 8,419 shows and produced 232 #1 singles by over 40 of Japan''s best-selling artists from 1974 to 2010.

This amazing record is a result of running top in the industry for over 50 years - an unprecedented phenomenon not only in Japan, but in the world.