2012: The year in world records - Watch our awesome video compilation of the year's most amazing achievements

By Guinness World Records News

From Felix Baumgartner's incredible leap from the edge of space to Chandra Bahdur Dangi being declared the shortest man of all time, 2012 has been a truly amazing year for record breaking.

To wrap the year up, here's a compilation of some of the highlights from the past 12 months.

Thanks for reading Guinnessworldrecords.com in 2012 and stay tuned for more officially amazing feats and achievements in 2013.

Full list of featured records in appearance order:

Fastest vehicle drift - Lars Verbraeken, 179.59 km/h

Farthest distance to pull a vehicle with meat hooks in the back - Burnaby Q. Orbax, 111.7 m

Furthest trampoline slam dunk - Thilo Schwarck, 7.75 m

Fastest speed skiing backwards - Anders Backe, 128.7 km/h

Longest 720 ramp jump on skis - Joey Spencer, 26.95 m

Fastest motorcycle wheelie on ice - Ryan Sucjanek, 152.89 km/h

Highest bungee jump into water whilst on fire - Yoni Roch, 65.09 m

Highest blob jump - Christian 'Elvis' Guth, 22.0 m

Tightest parallel parking in reverse - Ronny Wechselberger, 35 cm

Most watched video online - PSY's "Gangnam Style"

Chayne Hultgren, multiple circus tricks record holder

Heaviest bike - Wouter van den Bosch, 750 kg

Highest freefall parachute jump - Felix Baumgartner

Most continuous paraglider loops - Horacio Llorens, 568 loops

Fastest 100m on all fours - Kenichi Ito, 17.47 s

Fastest $1 billion box office film gross - The Avengers, 10 days

Largest loop the loop in a car - Greg Tracy and Tanner Foust, Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare, 18.29 m

Longest wave surfed by a dog - Abbie, 107.2 m

Largest drum set - Dr. Mark Temperato, 340 pieces

Lowest roadworthy car - Okayama Sanyo High School, 45.2 cm

Fastest time to climb The Torch Doha unassisted - Alain Robert, 1 hr 33 min 47 s

Shortest living man - Chandra Bahdur Dangi - 54.6 cm

First 1080 on a skateboard - Tom Schaar, aged 12

Most stunts performed by a living actor - Jackie Chan