Every Friday we'll be publishing on guinnessworldrecords.com some of our favourite images that have been recently added to the GWR archive. Here's a look at some of this week's best images:

The most consecutive dives in wave formation (above) is 4,725 and was achieved by Maik Neubert and AOK - Die Gesundheitskasse für Niedersachsen (Germany) in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, on 14 July 2012. 75 team members took part in the attempt, each diving 63 times for a total of 4,725.

136402-most pet food donated to charity in 24hrs 2.jpg
The most pet food donated to charity in 24 hours is 4,197.50 kg (9,253 lb 14 oz) and was achieved by Mars Petcare UK (UK), in Leicester, UK, on 28 September 2012. The cans of Kitekat Pedigree cat food were donated by Mars Petcare UK to Leicester and Leicestershire Animal Aid Association. Around 100 employees of the company participated in the attempt as part of a team building exercise. The entire process from the weighing of the pet food to the final delivery took under five hours.

136428-largest collection of model motorcycles.jpg
The largest collection of model motorcycles is 1,258 model motorcycles and belongs to David Correia (USA), in Norco, California, USA, as of 24 May 2012. David began collecting model motorcycles in 1992 when he was given a vintage 1963 panhead Harley Davidson model. The entire collection features only motorcycles with riders and is housed in a special room in his garage. David was inspired to apply for this record when he saw coverage of other Guinness World Records collection record holders.

136512-Most balloons inflated by the nose in one hour.jpg
The most balloons inflated by the nose in one hour is 328, achieved by Ashrita Furman (USA), in New York, New York, USA, on 7 August 2012. Standard party balloons were used for this record.

137069-most expensive vacuum cleaner 2.jpg
The most expensive vacuum cleaner is priced at $21,900 (£13,798.88, €17,173.32) and was created by Hartmut Gassmann (Germany) and HYLA U.S. Gassmann Inc. (USA). The vacuum cleaners have been available for purchase since 14 August 2012. The vacuum cleaner is covered with rhinestones and can be ordered online. So far, 2 units have been sold.

137173-Tallest hotel 2.jpg
The JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai, UAE, formerly known as Emirates Park Towers Hotel & Spa, is the tallest hotel, standing at 355.35 m (1,165.84 ft) from ground level to the top of its mast. The hotel consists of two 77-floor twin towers, with the first tower opened on 11 November 2012. Both towers are entirely occupied by the hotel. The JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai Tower 1 has 806 rooms. The two top floors are occupied by Vault, one of the hotel's 15 lounge bars and restaurants and a swimming pool can be found on the mezzanine level between floors 6 and 7. The building's spire is 49.60 m tall. The JW Marriott Marquis Dubai Tower 2 is scheduled for opening by 2015.