GameCity, an annual video games festival in Nottingham, UK celebrated seven action-packed days of gaming culture by attempting a Guinness World Records title for the largest practical science lesson on Saturday.

This was no mean feat, with a benchmark to beat of 276 students which was set in Birmingham earlier this year.

Under the guidelines for the record, for the attempt to count the lesson had to last for half an hour and be composed of at least two hands-on experiments focusing on a specific scientific subject,(e.g. electricity, magnetism).

Under the rules, students can work in teams of up to five during the lesson, with each team needing to submit a written report of their results to the instructors.


The excitement was palpable as people of all ages piled in to the huge marquee in Nottingham's Old Market Square for the attempt.

Lead by local scientist Natasha Neale, participants created slime with a mixture of PVA glue, borax and food colouring. They also got the chance to build and set off pop rockets.

Two independent witnesses were on hand to count and re-count those entering the venue.

For a few tense moments it looked as if GameCity was inches away from missing out on the record.

Dozens of stewards then rushed out into the main square and encouraged shoppers and passers-by to join the lesson and help make a new Guinness World Records title.

After enough people were gathered the doors were shut and the next stage of the challenge began.

In order to beat the current record, GameCity's stewards had to ensure that everyone was fully participating in the lesson.


This meant that everyone had to be present for the full thirty minute lesson and were paying attention at all times.

With official Guinness World Records adjudicator Fortuna Burke monitoring the stewards, the results were quickly calculated and were followed by confirmation that a new record had been set by Game City, with the news that 292 participants had taken part in the successful attempt greeted with a roar of cheers.