Every Friday we'll be publishing on guinnessworldrecords.com some of our favourite images that have been recently added to the GWR archive. Here's a look at some of this week's best images:

Most ice cream scoops balanced on a cone
The most ice cream scoops balanced on a cone (above) is 71 and was achieved by Dimitri Panciera (Italy), in Forno di Zoldo, Italy, on 22 July 2012. The attempt was held at an ice cream festival called Gelatiamo in Forno di Zoldo.

134037 Longest breath hold swim under ice 6.jpg
Longest breath hold swim under ice (fins and diving suit)
The longest distance swam under ice with the breath held is 130 m (426 ft 6 in) by Michele Tomasi (Italy), without the use of breathing equipment but with a wetsuit and swim fins, at Lago Santo in Cembra, Trento, Italy, on 12 February 2012. The ice was 46 cm thick and it took Michele 2 minutes and 15 seconds to swim 130 m.

135073 largest human smiley 6.jpg
Largest human smiley
The largest human smiley was achieved by 3,737 participants organised by ITM University (India) at their annual techno-cultural festival KRONOS 2012 in Gwalior, India, on 8 February 2012. The diameter of the smiley measured 43.5 m (142 ft 8 in).

135461 most people fire walking 1.JPG
Most people firewalking consecutively - single venue
The most people firewalking consecutively is 608 people and was achieved by Eastbourne Scouts (New Zealand), in Eastbourne, Wellington, New Zealand, on 28 April 2012. The event was organised by Eastbourne Scouts as a way to raise money for charity, promote scouting and to try to show local scouts that they can achieve anything if they put their mind to it. Members of the Eastbourne and surrounding Wellington community walked across hot coals in an effort to raise money for charities 'So They Can' and 'The Orphans of Nepal Trust'.

122008 most leaves on a clover stem 2.jpg
Most leaves on a clover
The most leaves on a clover stem (Trifolium repens L.) is 56 and was discovered by Shigeo Obara of Hanamaki City, Iwate, Japan, on 10 May 2009. Mr. Obara has studied clovers for many years and was the finder of the previous record holder in this category.

130647 Oldest chicken 1.jpg
Oldest living chicken
The oldest living chicken is Muffy, a Red Quill Muffed American Game, who at 22 years old as of 2011, was born on 01 Jan 1989 and belongs to Todd McWilliams from Maryland, USA.