Every Friday we'll be publishing on guinnessworldrecords.com some of our favourite images that have been recently added to the GWR archive. Here's a look at some of this week's best images of the largest:

Largest timepiece
The largest timepiece (above) had a clock face area of 8.42 km² (3.25 mi²) and was created by Jim Bowers (USA). It was measured at the Burning Man festival in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA, on 5 September 2011. The clock was created with the help of lasers and "hour towers" that were set up in a circle around the laser at the centre. The average length of a laser clock arm was 1,636.8 m (1.02 miles) long. It took 13 months to create the clock. It was used to count down the hours until the burning of "The Man".

134814 - Largest Loop the Loop in a Car (Mattel Hot Wheels) 5.jpg
The largest loop the loop in a car
The largest loop the loop in a car measured 18.29 m (60 ft) in diameter and was achieved by Mattel (USA), driven by Greg Tracy and Tanner Foust, in Los Angeles, California, USA, on 30 June 2012. The track was a replica of the Hot Wheels Double Dare Snare loop and was attempted during X Games 18 in downtown Los Angeles. Greg Tracy drove a life-size green Hot Wheels car and Tanner Foust drove a yellow Hot Wheels car with the green car going through the loop first, both at a speed of 52mph. The loop was made with 125 tons of plywood and steel and covered 240 yards in length on the ground from end to end.

134946 - Largest gathering of pirates 2.jpg
The largest gathering of pirates
The largest gathering of pirates was achieved by 14,231 participants at an event organised by Roger Crouch and The Town of Hastings (United Kingdom) on Pelham Beach, Hastings, East Sussex, United Kingdom, on 22 July 2012.

135027 Largest falafel 3.jpg
The largest falafel
The largest falafel was 74.75kg (164.80 lb) and was prepared by the Landmark Amman hotel (Jordan), in Amman, Jordan, on 28 July 2012. This was prepared by 10 chefs all working at the Landmark hotel in Amman, Jordan. They followed the traditional recipe of chickpeas, parsley and coriander with mixed spices. The diameter of the falafel was 130 cm.

136451 largest collection of personal hygiene products 6.jpg
Largest donation of personal hygiene products
The largest donation of personal hygiene products consisted of 1,415,702 items and was achieved by Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri (USA) in St Louis, Missouri, USA, on 21 April 2012. To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Girl Scout organization 17,914 girl scouts took part in the attempt to collect items such as toothpaste, soap and deodorant.